Our mission With New Ideas And Creative Sollutions


Competitions serve the backbone for fulfilling the basic motto of varadhi- spreading science and technology.


To aim at inculcating the spirit of high ambitions, healthy attitudes, discipline and multidimensional excellence in the students

Our Team

Dr T Vijender Reddy

Dr T. Vijender Reddy, an Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in joint replacements, is the Chairman of the College

Dr. S.Sai Satyanarayana Reddy

Dr. S.Sai Satyanarayana Reddy Principal of vardhaman college of engineering.

DR. C. Hari Prasad

DR. C. Hari Prasad HOD of civil department

Mr. T. Upender Reddy

Mr T. Upender Reddy, a Mechanical Engineer, is the Secretary of the Organization.


Application of FRP bolt

Different applications of fiber reinforced polymer (FRPC) anchor for external strengthening in civil construction

Green Construction

Green building practices aim to reduce the environmental impact of building

The Active3D-Build

We developed the Active3D-Build (http://www.active3d.net) to improve civil engineering project management

Drone Fleets Could Monitor Bridge Safety

Checking for cracks, rust, and other wear and tear on bridges